He listens


I couldn’t help but believe that….there are things that we have now is the one that we badly wants and wish for sometimes in the past.

There are things that I regret doing.. I regret for not really focusing on learning by heart when I was pursuing my Masters Degree. I was distracted by something else that I’m attached to, unintentionally. I feel so bad, though I finally managed to finished my studies, the satisfaction wasn’t there.

I ask Allah to give me another chance to re-learn all Petroleum Engineering subjects. I ask Allah to give me chances to seek knowledge from the experts in this field. I wish to re-do my Msc.

Little did I know that my presence in Houston now for SLB Step-1 School is an answer to my prayer I did sometime a year ago.

I get to learn from basic. I met lots of experts in this field. And I learn something more, which is the software that supports related subjects on Reservoir and Engineering.

Thank you oh Allah, you are so Merciful..And listen to me the most..

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Houston – Week 1


Dear blog, its been a while..

Cliche.. I know..

It’s been a week I’m in Houston, Texas, USA for training school. Every Schlumberger employee that undergo the 3 years fixed step training has to attend one training a year. Alhamdulillah I was selected to attend it here, to a country I never dream of setting my foot in. Alhamdulillah everything is just great. The weather is somewhat like Malaysia, but less humid. It’s summer and the day is longer, but as Texas located at the south, the daylight is only for 16 hours, not as long as those in the upper side of the country that is away from the equatorial line. People keep asking of how am I going to fast in such long and hot day? I have no answer for it. I will know when the time comes. 

Alhamdulillah I had a bunch of cool people in the same class I attended. Altogether are 12 students from different countries, and different work location. Some are French but working in UK, a Pakistani working in Norway, but all of us are either Production Engineer or Reservoir Engineer. This is the beauty of Schlumberger, we can mingle among people with the same minds from different location. . It’s so much fun being among them, and getting to know one another. Most of my friends can speak more than two languages, there’s an Algerian who speak French an Arabic, a French that speaks Portugese and Spanish It’s so true of what Allah said in the Holy Qur’an, men are created in different races and languages, so we can get to know each other. And there are so much to learn from each and everyone, subhanallah!

Life is beautiful. Beautiful in its own sense. It’s so full of colors. And it’s up to us what colors we wish to see. 

And I see it as a rainbow 🙂

To be continued.. in quest of writing everyday to improve communication. 

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“Speak the good or keep quiet”

Hence, I’m trying my best to manifest this by:

1. Reserve my comments and critics on others

2. Avoid being Ms Know-It-All

3. Never tell lies

4. Listen without interrupt. Let people finish their say.

Inshallah, by His help I can change to be better 🙂

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MH 370


I stayed up late last night watching Malaysia’s Prime Minister update on the missing flight MH 370. I couldn’t help but feel saddened when he announced “MH 370 ended at southern Indian Ocean”. That particular sentence, hit me. Deep.

Indeed this is a tragedy. And there has to be reason why Allah choose Malaysia Airlines to be in the story. There has to be reason why MH 370 not any other flight. There has to be reason why Allah choose our beloved Captain Zaharie as the pilot, there has to be reasons why Allah choose all the passengers.

They’re the chosen one to be in this story. Allah is indeed talking to us through this tragedy. Lets listen, really listen to His message by our hearts. 

May this tragedy become a turning point for all of us to reflect upon ourselves, and start doing the right things, in accordance to His order. 

May Allah forgive all the people on board, and bless them all. May Allah replace them, and their family with something better.

Ameen ya rabb.

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How to have a piece of mind?

By not thinking too much.

Leave everything to Allah, the highest power, He who has control over everything 

I am nobody, without Him.

So i choose to let Allah decide everything for me, and lead.

For His choice is always the best, the most perfect at the right time.

In You i trust.

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Semakin aku menghampiriMu

Bergetar rasa hatiku

Semakin jelas dan tampak dosaku dihadapanMu

Lalu ku rasakan goyah

Mampukah aku akan terus melangkah?

Tuhan .. ku mohon petunjuk di sepanjang jalan


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A dream (again)


I don’t know why but I always wanted to work at Norway. Precisely with Statoil, a Norwegian based oil and gas operator. I’ve always find news about Statoil spearheading new technologies at their field, such as offshore CO2 storage at Sleipner field, implementing the first subsea compressor, and recently the plan to construct four-linked Central Processing Platform at Johan field.

Coolness! Subhanallah

I wish to work with Statoil, one day inshallah 🙂

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