Nancy, France


My friend and I started our Euro Trip from Paris, then to Nancy (pronounced Non-see), France by Eurail. My primary schoolmate, Amirah is studying in Nancy for her pHd, so visiting her and family is a reason why I reach there. It always feel good to meet another Malaysian in foreign country, much more so if he or she is your own friend.

Back on the ranch, Nancy, like any other city in France preserved its old building. It seems the buildings exterior remains untouched, but only the inside is being renovated. I’m amazed by how thoughtful appreciative the French are of the works of their older generations.

Amirah lived across her university lab. My visit to her place was very short, only for a night. It’s a pity I didn’t get a chance to walk around her university and have a look on her lab work.

Well, maybe next time? 🙂

I’ll upload some of the pictures around Nancy later.

Till next post, ciao!


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