My updates

Salam and helloooo dear bloggie..

It’s been a while huh? I will update you more often.. seems like lots of people came visiting for the Shell phone interview tips. I will share some more interview tips, inshallah.

And I will share my traveling experience. 2015 is the year of travelling, I’ve travelled to China, Thailand, and a few European countries such as France, Swiss, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Turkey.

And maybe.. I’ll share some of baking tips too! I’m not a good chef though, but I do enjoy baking cakes and cookies for friends and families.

And definitely some career experience, if anyone interested.. haha. I’m still an engineer by profession, working for the Big Blue. Currently having project with Samarang IO, working for two of its workflow. I’ll share more on later.

Till the next post… ciao ciao!

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