Dusk or dawn


I’ve always love dusk over dawn.

I love the color that is poured over the sky at dusk. At times its purplish pink, sometimes is golden orange..the mixture of all the colors blend in so well and perfect..


Beautiful beyond words.

Dusk always bring some nostalgic memories. It always gives me mixed emotions about what has happened in my life, the events that makes me, me. Its like the best time to reminisce over the past, and take note on the lessons learn, and after all to feel grateful to the Lord of the Universe for everything that He has given me.

He has carved a beautiful path for me, a path that nobody else would go through but me.


I pray for a more productive life ahead, and may it be the best of mixed colors ever 🙂

May my path is the path that is going towards Jannah. Guide me, guide us all dear Lord.

Make us see all Your signs..

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