Moving forward, I wonder which path should I take?

Technical, or sales?

If I were to choose technical, which path should I then focus on?

Reservoir, or production?

I kinda fancy becoming a consultant in Reservoir Simulation, but come to think of it, a good RE is the one who has surveillance experience, of which can help making a sound judgement on the reservoir model.

If I’m focusing on Production, I will lose half of the core in Petroleum Engineering side, which are the reservoir.

Or should I just take both?

I see Integrated Asset Modeler as the best option.

Dare to take the challenge?

*thinking.. and thinking*

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One Response to future?

  1. atif says:

    Salam. Saya atif. Wanna ask bout ur opinion on taking master in petroleum engineering in utm. Im currently working in pasir gudang. Hope u don’t mind to reply. Email me at atifali2988@yahoo.com. thnks ya

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