life is good

life is too good here.. i dont want to go home.

i dont want to go to places that reminds me of the wound i once had.

but people say, we have to face our biggest fear.

i would say, i’m not ready to face it just yet.

being me.. i love to stay away from it. it’s not that i’m hiding myself. i prefer to erase every memory that relates to it. as if it never happened. to live life anew.

for i hate that pain.

well, it’s all are in the past. i shall not look back. i learn from my mistakes.

i can picture myself alone in the calm ocean. its almost dusk, tangerine sky.

i’m now at peace. thank you dear Lord.

i shall continue this journey. i’m ok to be all bymyself. i’m all good.

for i know i’m never alone. You are always there to guide me, to guard me.

all i ask for is to always be near You, for in Your hands are my soul lies. You are my air to breath. You are my everything.

You are all that matters for me now. You, and only You.

I’m detaching myself from anything that is unnecessary. For that I’m sorry, people.

and I still wish I could stay..

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