He listens


I couldn’t help but believe that….there are things that we have now is the one that we badly wants and wish for sometimes in the past.

There are things that I regret doing.. I regret for not really focusing on learning by heart when I was pursuing my Masters Degree. I was distracted by something else that I’m attached to, unintentionally. I feel so bad, though I finally managed to finished my studies, the satisfaction wasn’t there.

I ask Allah to give me another chance to re-learn all Petroleum Engineering subjects. I ask Allah to give me chances to seek knowledge from the experts in this field. I wish to re-do my Msc.

Little did I know that my presence in Houston now for SLB Step-1 School is an answer to my prayer I did sometime a year ago.

I get to learn from basic. I met lots of experts in this field. And I learn something more, which is the software that supports related subjects on Reservoir and Engineering.

Thank you oh Allah, you are so Merciful..And listen to me the most..

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