Thanking Allah

I thank Allah

For making us met and became friends

I thank Allah

For letting you show me how to gain success in life

I thank Allah

For taking you away from me

And show me that total dependence on people will only damage my heart; my life (it’s painful, really)

I thank Allah

For showing me your true colours

I see it dark and dangerous

I thank Allah

For picking me up when I’m totally lost

Begging on His door of mercy

The door that never closes..

It’s only me who fails to see this door

For I’m deluded by the beauty of life

I thank Allah

For the gift of something called a “heart”

I’m going to protect it

Cleanse and purify it constantly

For it’s my precious

Nobody is worth having it

Except those whose heart is for Him too

Thank you, oh Allah

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