I’ve been thinking of jotting down my thoughts here, anytime that I wish to.I need to practice self-discipline now. I badly need to brush up my writing and communication skill. So from today onwards, it will be random ramblings.

I’ve got hit with this question lately, “Hows your new job? Hows Schlumberger?”

I’d say, it’s quite tough, but it’s good. Tough, because it’s totally a new type of environment for me. Schlumberger is more than just a company. It’s a culture. A unique one. The system is too tedious , yet everyone seems so relaxed and calm. The first few weeks was draining my energy. I pushed my brain’s processor to work extra hard to understand Thermodynamics, my least favorite subject in uni. I can feel my brain is cracking up day by day. 

Anyway it’s good, because it’s a sign that I’m utilising Allah’s gift to the max, to benefit others. May He bless all the knowledge that He had poured onto me. May this knowledge can be shared to as many people, as my investment for hereafter.

Dear Allah, please guide me along the way.

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