1. Being able to ask clearly for what I want or need

2. Having the confidence to express what I’m feeling

3. Having clear personal boundaries and being able to state them

4. Feeling comfortable about saying “I”, not “we”, “you” or “one”

5. Recognising that I have wants and needs, and doing something about them

6. Feeling comfortable about asking for help.

7. Taking responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and action

8. Not feeling responsible for other people’s thoughts, feelings and action

9. Saying “I choose to” rather than “I have to”

10. Having the confidence to make mistake and admit them

11. Feeling comfortable with success

12. Being able to stand up to aggressive people

13. Being able to state the adverse effect of people behaviour on me

14. Being able to say “no” and stick to it

15. Being able to say “no” without feeling guilty

16. Feeling comfortable with both praise and critism – able to view both objectively

17. Being able to speak out when appropriate

18. Being able to remain silent when appropriate

19. Being able to deal with situation confidently, in manner which takes due account of other people view points and feelings.  

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