Shell 1st Stage Interview (Phone Interview)


I just want to share my experience during Shell Phone Interview. It was earlier this year, and I wrote down the interview questions on a piece of paper. I’m thinking of jotting it down here, so that I could refer them for my future interviews, and I hope this could help the readers too. 

Basically every job interview will start with “tell me about yourself”. Now is the prime time for you to brag about yourself. Don’t be shy, really. Just tell to the interview how special you are, what are you skill that could contribute to the companies you’re applying for. 

Back on the ranch, Shell interview will be divided into three stages: 1. Your greatest achievement, 2. Previous project that involves people from different background. 3. Current issue

1. Your greatest achievement

You will be asked to share of one your greatest achievement. Describe about the project. How many people involves? What was your role? What are the difficulties that  you’ve faced? What did you learn most from this project? How did you monitor the progress?

#Tips: what they really want to hear is, the achievement that involves TEAMWORK.

2. Project activities that involved people of different background

Describe about the project. What was your role? Who are other people that involved? How do you communicate with them? What would you do if you change your communication style?

Again, they love to hear anything about teamwork.

3. Current issue. 

You will be given 5 topics. Choose one. As for me, my choice was

a. Business Competitors

b. Leadership development, skill & ability

c. CO2 emission

d. Environmental Hazard

e. I don’t remember

Basically, in this session they are not going to judge the in-depth of your knowledge. Tey want to see how critical and analytical thinker you are. 

So I chose (b) Leadership Development. This was the scariest part for me, as I’m not well versed in this issue. I simply chose this as I fear of my lack of technical knowledge on the other topics, eventhough I was being informed that they’re not testing my knowledge on these subjects. 

Anyway, these are questions that makes me sweat, eventhough I was sitting comfortably in my own room. 

-What is leadership development?

– What are the opportunities and threat for leadership development?

– How to resolve challenges related to Leadership development?

– What are the things need to be considered related to leadership development?

– How do get info to develop a solution related to leadership development?

– What are the activities that could improve leadership development, focusing on skill & ability?

-The benefits and risk from your idea?

-How this topic will change in the next 10 years? ( I answered something related to technology)

– How the technology change the way glocal companies doing business?


Ok, that’s all that I remember. The bad news was, I failed the interview. Hehe. Anyway, if any candidates successful in this first stage, the next stage will be : attending Shell Recruitment Day (SRD). This program is a one day activities, where candidates get to meet and work in group, and there’ll be face-to-face interview with the recruiter. 

Anyway, all the best for everyone who’s currently looking for a job (that’s me!), and if you’re thinking of job-hopping, I’m encouraging you to do so. Please jump to other places if you feel you’re stuck and you know you can’t expand your skill and knowledge if you stay. 

Dare to take the risk, ok peeps? 😉

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15 Responses to Shell 1st Stage Interview (Phone Interview)

  1. anay007 says:

    I have an interview soon so Im so glad that this is up here!! any other tips?

  2. mnfaj says:

    Hi there,
    I am a UTM graduate too. 🙂

    Googling for tips on Shell interview and stumbled onto yours here.

    Very well written, informative and helpful!
    Will attend F2F Shell Interview on 23rd of May, quite nervous.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Terwase says:

    Hi. About your greatest achievement and teamwork, are you really sure that is what they are looking to hear? I’m confused because most of my great achievements are individual. Do you think I should answer with something less spectacular that involves a team?

    • xzara says:

      Yes, i suggest you focus on team achievement. I’ve made a mistake for answering abt individual achievement and the interviewer request for team achievement..hope others won’t repeat my mistake 🙂

  4. Ronnie says:

    How long did it take to hear back from them? Had an interview last week. Thanks in advance.

  5. Sir Farouk says:

    Thank you so much for this. I am having one in a week and this will help me get in the right mental state.

  6. crack says:

    Great work man. Thanks a lot. I have also applied to Shell for Computational Science PHD. I have given them a ppt to showcase my computational skills about 20 days ago. But I haven’t received any mail till data regarding telephonic interview. Does it take so long for them to shortlist for telephone interview?

  7. scott says:

    I’m still waiting for a reply from them at the moment my application is still under review and as being since 17/10/13

  8. assalam..
    thank you very much.. it was indeed very helpful…
    insha allah hope i crack it..

  9. O4uray says:

    Thank you so much for taking d pain and time in typing and sharing. Jah bless

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