*knock knock*

salam. and hello =)

i can’t help but smile. there are still people coming to this empty “house” of mine?

it took me ages to update huh?

alhamdulillah. i’m doing good now, and i’m much calmer than before. 

and more mature i guess *cough*

hurm.. life is interesting.

when I thought that I’m strong enough..

then Allah test me until I’m down on my knees. until I became…helpless.

because He wanted me to bow down to Him all the time. for only He can rise above all. He, the Master of the universe. 

Having to bow down to my lowest point in my life, I realized that..

I’m a nobody. I own none. Nothing. I’m all his.My physical body, my brain, my knowledge, my money, my mom, all are His.

we’re nobody without Him.

alhamdulillah, I now understand the concept of tawakkal. which is giving everything back to Allah. After I’ve tried everything and anything I could, the only option left is..

Leave everything to Allah. Let Him decide…

For whatever He had decreed upon me is always the best of the best.


In Him I trust =)


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