travel through past time..

I see how I’ve evolved to become who I am today. Everything that happened to me in the past makes me. Everything, be it good or bad.

When I was younger, I see the seniors went out of school and uni, and changed. I mean the then good seniors who went out to see the world, and forgot who they were before. I was so scared and keep reminding myself not to become like them, instead keep changing to become someone better.

As I became the senior and went out of uni, I now understand. That the current was undeniably and unbelievably strong, too strong that it can wipe you out in a split second, IF you’re not holding on to something.

And ‘that something’ is my saving grace. ‘That something’ makes me want to come back to where I begin, everytime I get swept away. And every time I get to hold back on to ‘that something’, I can feel that I’m holding it much tighter than before.

And I know now I can’t, won’t, wouldn’t and couldn’t loose this grip, no matter what.

I may not be who I was before. I might be a weaker player (though I wish I can be as strong as before, if not better), but trust me deep inside, the candle is still burning.

And it’s you, my dearest sista, are the oil that keeps the fire on. Seeing all of you so grown up makes me feel shame of myself. As such, keep sharing with me your high spirit, your hope, and your love.

I can never thanked Allah enough for this inexplicable special bond that bind our hearts together. I might not know you, but yes, the feeling is indescribable!

Loving you from afar.. your sista fillah =)

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2 Responses to travel through past time..

  1. izzati amri says:

    You makes the tears fall.. love you sis ;’)

  2. xzara says:

    love you too! much n much more 😉

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