Life is like a novel

And every day is the every page..

So have I learnt today?

1. Debt vs infaaq.

I realized for the past few weeks, my business was on its downside. Not much orders coming in, and not many people contact me for consultation. But it’s Ramadhan? I wonder what I did wrong, because it wasn’t usually like this. I take it positively, Allah is testing me. But then again, I must seek the reason why. But how? I ask Him to show me the answer.

And today I check my bank account, I realized my credit card balance almost reaching its limit. I refused to pay the debt now as I was planning to use my cash to donate for charity, because it’s Ramadhan now.  I don’t want to miss this opporturnity.

And I came to this thinking. I think I should settle the debt now rather than later, and I’ll donate the balance cash for charity. And that means the cash for donation will become smaller in number, but I believe, Allah is Al-Ghaaniy, Al-Mughny. He’s rich. And He’s Ar-Razzaq, Al-Wahhab. The rezqi giver.

All you have to do is just BELIEVE that He’s so, and Allah will open up the way. He can works magic in a blink of an eye.

And so I quickly went to bank to clear the debt, and *spoof*, the business is up and running again. Alhamdulillah! =)

2. To let things go, is by setting yourself free.

I know, it’s soooo hard to simply forgive and forget. You’ve tried so much but it keep hunting you back. One moment you think you’re happy and that everything has remained a history. Another moment you’re crying,just because it crossed your mind a few seconds back.

And I think I’ve found the answer. To let things off your mind and heart, is not by taking it out and wish it would disappear, but rather by set yourself free, and leave them behind. Free your mind, your heart, your soul. Let it fly like birds, hunting and searching for the One true love. A love that never fails.

Leave all the expectations behind. Leave all the extra baggage. Rebuild your inner soul. Renew your faith. Look forward, spread your wing, and fly as high as your wings can take you. Never underestimate your inner strength. Keep praying that Allah will constantly and continuously supply the energy.

It’s Ramadhan. And it’s the best season to start flying.

I’m a rocketeer. Lets flyyyyy~

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