Ujian adalah…

..tarbiyah dari Allah

Apakah kita kan sabar, ataupun sebaliknya

Kesenangan yang datang selepas kesusahan

Semuanya adalah nikmat dari Tuhan..

Jangan difikir derita akan berpanjangan

Kelak akan membawa putus asa pada Tuhan….

..breath in..breath out..breath in…breath out…

Wow, life really isn’t getting much easier. It’s a tough life. They say, life is a test. To see who among you a real mukmin, who submit themselves when Allah befall on them musibah.

It’s not easy to regain control of yourself when you’re emotional. That’s why we need to istighfar, for us to come back to our normal state.

And do good deeds, helping out other people, perform solat sunnah as well as fasting to purify your heart.

Phew. It’s not easy. Sometimes we knew too well the do’s and the don’ts, but we are insaan, forgetful. That’s why we need our true friends to stay with, connect with us during difficult times. For they can remind us to turn to Him, submit to Him.

For only then you’ll know what you’re missing…

“Allahumma ‘ajjirni fi musibati, wakhlif likhairan minha”

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah aku pahala atas ujian Mu ini, dan gantikanlah aku dengan sesuatu yang lebih baik dari ujianMu ini”


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