O&G as I see it #1


I’m thinking of sharing a few knowledge in O&G. O&G here means Oil & Gas industry. Don’t get confuse with O&G in medical terms, it’s totally different, the Obstetric  & Gynecology. 🙂

Do you know that the oil & gas that we’re using today is actually came from a rock? yeap! the oil & gas are actually trapped in a rock, a porous rock. Imagine a sponge, you squeeze it then out goes the liquid. Yes, the reservoir rock is just like the sponge, only that it’s not that soft, coz it’s a rock 🙂

How did the oil and gas relieve themselves from the rock then?

The principal is exactly like how you drink water from a straw, it’s due to the pressure difference between the pressure inside the straw and the atmospheric pressure. Higher atmospheric pressure than the pressure inside the straw pushed the liquid into the straw.  In our case, the higher pressure in the rock formation pushed the oil and the gas out.

So you see, pressure takes a big role in this field. Everything is about balancing the pressure.

Speaking of pressure, I hope Hosni Mubarak will step down soon. Didn’t he feels the high pressure that is imposed on him now? I wonder what his overpressure level is.

Anyhow, Egypt is one of the bigger player in O&G industry. The gas reserve in Egypt is the 3rd highest in African region. Egypt is a rich country, and the people shall enjoy the richness, not the corrupt leader. Not anymore.

Way to go Ikhwanul Muslimin. My prayer is with you.

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