The end of a fighter’s life – 25 Jan 2011


I’m still shocked to learn that one of my most beloved teacher just passed away yesterday. I’m deeply saddened by his lost. And I believe everyone, EVERYONE who has been and live with him, has experienced his fierce yet magical touch understand what I feel now.

He is a man like no other. I’ve never seen anyone so dedicated like him. He has sacrificed a lot, I mean it.. A LOT. He’s an engineering graduate from UK, but decided to work at Hira’ as a teacher, a principal, the Executive Director, and come to teaching again. It’s true that Hira’ and Mllm Khairul Anuar is more than ‘isi dengan kuku’, because Hira’ runs in his blood.

I can’t help but crying everytime i came to think of him. I get to know this man when I was in Form 1. He was the Pricipal back then, and everyone knows he’s the most garang teacher ever. I was scared to death every time I stumbled upon him. Luckily I was never being called to his office due to my clean record.

I can remember vividly he promoted Hira’ Jeram to us. Said the boarding school will be better. We’re going to have 10 days of school, and 4 days off. But it never happened anyway. The new school was lacked of everything. But Mllm definitely sure we will survive. He came to check on us every day.

We were having problems with Physics teacher in Form 4. The teacher keep changing, and I’ve lost interest in Physics. Then came Mllm Khairul Anwar teaching us. He didn’t allow us to open the textbook while he teach, but to open the eyes and ears, listen to what he said and jot down the notes based on what we understand. Since then I came to love Physics and can’t wait for the class. Our Physics class was scheduled on Friday, 4 sessions in a row as he’s busy with office work for during weekdays. He was the Executive Director then, and was healthy.

The day I took my SPM result, he was there. I thanked him, told him I can’t believe I’ve got an A1 in Physics! I thought I might fail the paper. He was all smiles.

Next thing I know, I engaged myself in the field I used to hate :  Engineering. I took Chemical Engineering during my Bachelor Degree, become an engineer for 2 years, and currently continuing my tertiary study in Petroleum Engineering. I remember I give him a Thank You card, and attach my convo picture.

I get to meet Mllm a few times when he was working as Principal at Al-Amin Kerteh. He was the one contacting me, telling me he was in Kerteh. I then came visit him at his house in Kampung Baru Kerteh, and I nearly cried to see the big difference between my life and his. After few years, I’ve grown up to be someone who had a stable income, enjoying life spending money to travel etc. But the life of my dear teachers are still the same. They rent a small house, suffered from a health problem (diebetes) and still struggle to make a living. His right feet was amputated, and he was using amputated feet, yet he looks calm and happy. He laughed like always did. Right then I realized I shoul’ve stop all the complaint and be contented like them.

I can never thanked Allah enough for those memorable moments with him. Mllm is such a nice man, with warm heart, and most importantly, a heart as big as the ocean. He had instill so many good values into the students life. May his fighting spirit lives within the students’ soul. May we too will become someone great like him.

Dear Allah, please forgive all his sins. He is a real fighter, a murabbi and he truly deserves  Your Jannah, please place him among the rightious of men. I love him because of you.


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