Listening to the stories of how people find Islam is always astonishing. I’m amazed by His planning, how so perfect he makes things happen to each and every person.

Everybody has their own storyline. We too, have our own unique story. Find the hikmah in each and every plot in our life story. And we too should learn from other’s story. I’ve just watched this last night:

A few points that makes me ponder:

1. I haven’t done much reading and study on my own religion. Brother Joshua has read the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament from beginning to end and he can summarize it all up. He also had read other religion’s book including Qur’an when he was searching for truth.

Shame on you, dearself.

2. He was dedicated and determined in what he believes is right. He gives his 100% to spread this message, because he believes this is the right path.

So stop whining and wasting your precious time, dearself.

3.  Religious discussion should be entertaining, and not threatening and boring. When he was a Christian, he had his weekly Youth Service, or usrah at the  gym. The Youth Minister, or his naqib gave them a 30 minutes talk before they played basketball.

Now lets go out and have our usrah somewhere else, shall we?


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