stay and leave


Hello world!

I’ve moved in into the new house. Yep, arwah K.Rai’s room. Just like what I’ve planned before. I kinda like this house so much. so so much I’d say. The house is so big, and spacey. There are so many glass doors and window, lights came in from every angle. I’ve got the smallest room anyhow, the maid’s room located away from the others. But I like it, because I have the privacy. No I’m not scared of being alone anymore. I’m happy. Because I know I have Him, and He’s always by my side. So I’m not, and never will be alone.

Anyway, there’s a few palm trees and flowers planted right outside my window, and the beach is just a few hundred meters away. Heaven. I feel so calm and contented now. Alhamdulillah.

I wish I could be here forever.

But just as things turn out to be so nice and perfect for me now, I had to accept the fact that I won’t stay here for long. I have to leave all this sooner than I thought it will be. It’s a hard decision to make, but life has to go on.


We all are going to leave this luxurious world anytime, aren’t we?


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One Response to stay and leave

  1. khadeejah says:

    pi mana makcik? baru ingat nak lepak2 umah baru awk bile hubby offshore 😛 awk dok umah rantau laut kan? waaaaaaa memang besar giant la umah tu! best apa dok bilik maid, sebab dekat ngan dapur, laundry, living room. hehehe

    kite sokmo plan nak wat puding/ cake utk belated birthday awk, tapi asek habis je. nanti sok luse la ek, ada org order puding, kite wat lebih utk awk ek 😉

    all the best for everything!

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