A tribute to a dear sister

Dear K.Raihana,

I’m writing this to you. To you whom I regard as ‘my sister’ the first time we met. No, we didn’t talk about Islamic stuff the first time we met, even though I know you must be a sister of some group. We talked about our life, our background, about work. Only after a few ride to and fro Shah Alam-Kerteh we did talk about usrah and stuff. I can’t thank Allah enough for letting me know you. You’re so very kind, warm-hearted, diligent, and helpful like any other sister.

I feel so happy whenever we get to ride back home together. I’m so mesmerized with all your stories especially on your campus life at Japan. How you survived living alone without any muslim at Tokai University. I get to imagine your campus when you describe about it : it’s situated on a hillside, overlooking the sea and tea farm. Wow, that must be so breathtakingly beautiful. I can remember clearly when you broke the news that you’re pregnant after 2 months of marriage, and how you took a very good care of your baby. You never forget to sit on the cushion to ensure the baby didn’t feel much vibration along the 5 hours journey.

I remember there’s one day I told you I’ll be a bit late because I was frying the chicken. And only later I realize you told the whole family and it became the joke of the day. And the next time you describe about me to your husband, “Zahrah yang goreng ayam tu!”. Haha! That was so funny. And remember when we discussed about “madu asli” with Ina and K.Farah in one of our ride together? Oh, let it be our secret. Hehe. And there’s another thing, remember when I tell to you about “that” matter? Yeah, that was so sweet of you 🙂

I will never forget those memories. And I will never forget Sunday morning, 26th Ramadhan 1431H either.

The day I felt so crushed because I badly want to see you. But at your home, not at the mortuary. Seeing you lying there breathless makes my heart wrenched. I trembled and my heart cried in pain. You’re so very pretty, even with the bruises on the forehead and the lips. I recalled my messages and calls made to you a week back to come visit you, and see the room I was about to rent. We planned as soon as you leave Kerteh for good after Eid, I’ll rent your room. I know you’re so excited to move out, you’ve got a new job somewhere in Ijok, so that you can be close to your beloved husband and families. Let alone you’re now pregnant with your first child, you need special care and attention.

And I never thought the special care and attention was so different than what we’ve thought it would be. You and the baby is now safe in His care, we’ve done our part in preparing both of you to meet Him. Just so you know I’ve prayed jenazah together with others, I’ve read a few verses from Al-Qur’an as a gift to you. And I will remember you in my prayer. May Allah forgive all your sins.

You’re not leaving Kerteh for good, instead you leave this world forever.

Only He knows how much I love you, despite our friendship had just grown for 5 months (a month older than your baby!). However, He loves you more than we do. May He grant you His paradise. I pray for us to meet again someday.

“la la taqulu wada’an bal qulu ilalliqa’”

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