Of pens and pages


I had lunch with a good friend. We talked about life, and we shared our own problems. Yes, I am getting worried because I know I won’t get any younger, and life seems to run so very fast now. It’s hard for me to catch it up, let alone asking it to stop. Ah, you know what bothers me, aite?

Then we came to discuss about “it’s all fated”. And later came to a conclusion, which is “ to accept the fate, for Allah is testing each and every one of us in a different way”.

We then head to surau for Zuhr prayer. Ah, there’s an afternoon tazkirah by an ustazah. I feel so lucky and blessed, it’s very hard nowadays to really sit and listen for some soul refreshment. The ustazah was discussing about Hadith 19 of Fourty Hadis by Imam Nawawi. The famous quote for this hadith is “the pens have been withdrawned, and the pages have dried”. I smiled, remembering the good old days. I’ve learnt about this particular hadith at school! But, I didn’t really get what the famous quote meant.

Alhamdulillah, today I get what it means.

Our life has been scripted. We’re all created complete with our own story lines. Allah is the one writing it all. He’s the One determined what’s going to happen to everyone next. He’s the all-knoweth, Al-‘Alim and He’s Ar-Razzaq.

Everything for us has been written! “The pens are withdrawn, and the pages have dried”.

And thus, the real concept of the the sixth Rukun Iman is “to be fully prepared, aware and ready to accept anything that might happen, be it musibah or nikmah, with an open arms” . Because we know it all has been written, and what has been fated to us is none other but the BEST from Him.

The ustazah repeat this words three times, and I know it is very important for me to digest this : “those who have faith will not grieve

Background song:  Looking back on my life~ Life that’s gladly been given to me~ Open my eyes and embrace the smile~ given to you and I~~ (Beyond Words, Outlandish)

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5 Responses to Of pens and pages

  1. Mrs Firdaus says:

    tingat kt dulu pun hold strongly to the hadith, started with kalau xsalah-
    ‘kalau satu dunia ingin memberi kesusahan pada mu, tp Allah berkehendak membantu mu, maka kamu tetap akn terselamat. kalau satu Allah ingin memberi kesusahan padamu, tp satu dunia ingin membantu mu, maka kamu tetap akn terselamat. Tulisan telah kering dan pena telah terangkat

    very sweet and soothing reminder bila dalam kesusahan yg teramat..
    siap hafal huraian hadith lagi. huhu..
    Allah adalah pemberi ketenangan yg terbaik 🙂

    wish u all d best in life 🙂

    • imandpilot says:

      huhu tak faham, hadis yang dipegang oleh Mrs Firdaus,
      hadis tu ade relate dgn hadis yg kak zahrah tulis ni ke??
      boleh ulas dengan lebih lanjut tak?
      kalau sudi..huhu

      sekian, terimakasih.

  2. imandpilot says:

    another one beneficial stuff written here.
    insha-ALLAH, iman doakan akak akan continue writing stuff yg terbaik2.:)

    this is a just another soul refreshment for me:)
    thanks alot kak zahrah.

    neway, the thing that bothers u starts with the alphabet ‘K’ in bahasa ain’t it?
    haha takut lak nak teka tol2:p

    p/s: kalo salah jgn mrh:p

  3. Mrs Firdaus says:

    dear imandpilot,

    hadith yg ditulis itu adalah lebih kurang the complete version of hadith zara 😉
    blh refer hadith ke 19 dari hadith 40 karangan imam nawawi

    huraian ikut zara. sama je.
    sume yg Allah tetapkn dh tetap, tak boleh tukar2. jalan kita dan jalan org lain berbeza2. kdg2 kite tgk kenape org lain nmpk lebih complete, dan kite sentiasa rasa kite ade je yg kurang. tp sentiasa lah ingat, apa yg Allah dh tulis utk kite snanye itulah yg terbaik utk kita. sama je nikmat yg Allah bg pd kite dan org lain, cume bentuknya berbeza2.
    tulisan dah kering, dan pena telah terangkat. make nye, kite jgn lah sentiasa memandang kekurangan dlm hidup kita, tapi pandang ia sbg taqdir Allah yg terbaik utk kite. dan sentiasa bersyukur.

    the first verse of hadis, strengthen especially bile bile sume org akn ckp decision or action kite salah, dan terus2 nk down kan kite. harus ingat bahawesenye Allah Tuhan kite, kalau Allah nk tolong kite, Dia akn tolong kita. kalau Dia takmo, takde sape blh tolong.

    utk lebih memahami, mungkin boleh buke buku hadith 40 🙂

    on personal note: i met the hadith, when i encounter to.. buntunye bila berhadapan dgn soal baitul muslim.. huhu. Allah itu Maha Cantik aturan Nya.., pegang pada Dia., Dia pasti akn beri terbaik pd masa yg sgt terbaik. terbukti, dan syukur alhamdulillah 🙂

  4. hannan says:

    🙂 best! da lame xdiingatkan dgn hadis ni..

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