I tend to read more philosophical stuff nowadays. Stuff that I don’t really get what it means, but it sounds cool.  Is that  a sign of maturity? *haha*

Anyhow, I’d love to quote this, from The Life of Hunger by Amelie Nothomb :

“Hunger is want. It’s a broader desire than desire. It isn’t the will, which is strength. Neither is it a weakness, for hunger doesn’t know passivity. He who hungers searches

And that reminds me of a quote from Faisal Tehrani :

“Hidayah tidak datang kepada mereka yang tidak mencari, seperti cahaya yang tidak masuk ke rumah yang tidak dibukakan tingkapnya”


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3 Responses to Hunger

  1. imandpilot says:

    heheh, Kak Zahrah.
    love ur writing:)

    i’ve been waiting so long since u’ve stopped blogging in blogspot, i guess (kalau tak silap. lama dah tak bukak. link pon dah hilang. akak la, silo je selalu. heee).


    • xzara says:


      Iman, thanks for commenting! 🙂 awak ada blog ke? boleh akk link kan ngan dis blog.

      Please pray that I will consistently write beneficial stuff 🙂

      • imandpilot says:

        salam haha no sweat la akak:)
        iman takde blog la akak just ade tumblr je.

        but tak yah link lah akak buat malu je.
        sbb tak beneficial pon.
        of personal stories n thoughts je.

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