Nancy, France


My friend and I started our Euro Trip from Paris, then to Nancy (pronounced Non-see), France by Eurail. My primary schoolmate, Amirah is studying in Nancy for her pHd, so visiting her and family is a reason why I reach there. It always feel good to meet another Malaysian in foreign country, much more so if he or she is your own friend.

Back on the ranch, Nancy, like any other city in France preserved its old building. It seems the buildings exterior remains untouched, but only the inside is being renovated. I’m amazed by how thoughtful appreciative the French are of the works of their older generations.

Amirah lived across her university lab. My visit to her place was very short, only for a night. It’s a pity I didn’t get a chance to walk around her university and have a look on her lab work.

Well, maybe next time? 🙂

I’ll upload some of the pictures around Nancy later.

Till next post, ciao!


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Hello 2016!


And hi all.

I was being advised by some people to write about my travelling experience. It’s a great idea, really. It means I need to really drag my mind and my fingers to focus on writing a blog post, which ironically was my favourite past time.

2015 is a year of travelling, at least for me. I visited some Asian countries as well as European. It was such a great experience, and I wouldn’t regret for anything.

So here’s the plan. I will write in batches.

Please pray for my consistency, pretty please.

Til next post peeps!

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My updates

Salam and helloooo dear bloggie..

It’s been a while huh? I will update you more often.. seems like lots of people came visiting for the Shell phone interview tips. I will share some more interview tips, inshallah.

And I will share my traveling experience. 2015 is the year of travelling, I’ve travelled to China, Thailand, and a few European countries such as France, Swiss, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Turkey.

And maybe.. I’ll share some of baking tips too! I’m not a good chef though, but I do enjoy baking cakes and cookies for friends and families.

And definitely some career experience, if anyone interested.. haha. I’m still an engineer by profession, working for the Big Blue. Currently having project with Samarang IO, working for two of its workflow. I’ll share more on later.

Till the next post… ciao ciao!

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Dusk or dawn


I’ve always love dusk over dawn.

I love the color that is poured over the sky at dusk. At times its purplish pink, sometimes is golden orange..the mixture of all the colors blend in so well and perfect..


Beautiful beyond words.

Dusk always bring some nostalgic memories. It always gives me mixed emotions about what has happened in my life, the events that makes me, me. Its like the best time to reminisce over the past, and take note on the lessons learn, and after all to feel grateful to the Lord of the Universe for everything that He has given me.

He has carved a beautiful path for me, a path that nobody else would go through but me.


I pray for a more productive life ahead, and may it be the best of mixed colors ever 🙂

May my path is the path that is going towards Jannah. Guide me, guide us all dear Lord.

Make us see all Your signs..

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Moving forward, I wonder which path should I take?

Technical, or sales?

If I were to choose technical, which path should I then focus on?

Reservoir, or production?

I kinda fancy becoming a consultant in Reservoir Simulation, but come to think of it, a good RE is the one who has surveillance experience, of which can help making a sound judgement on the reservoir model.

If I’m focusing on Production, I will lose half of the core in Petroleum Engineering side, which are the reservoir.

Or should I just take both?

I see Integrated Asset Modeler as the best option.

Dare to take the challenge?

*thinking.. and thinking*

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life is good

life is too good here.. i dont want to go home.

i dont want to go to places that reminds me of the wound i once had.

but people say, we have to face our biggest fear.

i would say, i’m not ready to face it just yet.

being me.. i love to stay away from it. it’s not that i’m hiding myself. i prefer to erase every memory that relates to it. as if it never happened. to live life anew.

for i hate that pain.

well, it’s all are in the past. i shall not look back. i learn from my mistakes.

i can picture myself alone in the calm ocean. its almost dusk, tangerine sky.

i’m now at peace. thank you dear Lord.

i shall continue this journey. i’m ok to be all bymyself. i’m all good.

for i know i’m never alone. You are always there to guide me, to guard me.

all i ask for is to always be near You, for in Your hands are my soul lies. You are my air to breath. You are my everything.

You are all that matters for me now. You, and only You.

I’m detaching myself from anything that is unnecessary. For that I’m sorry, people.

and I still wish I could stay..

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Midnight mumblings

I should be sleeping by now.. but I wanted to read some slides for tomorrow’s test.

On another note, Germany won over Brazil with 7-1. It’s unbelievable, a total humiliation for the host country of FIFA World Cup 2014.

It’s a day to remember..

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